We were taught not to talk about ourselves too much

(what was that Kendrick said? Be Humble?)
But we are happy to share some of the flattering things other people are saying about us…

I can’t thank Oakstop Alliance enough. What Oakland Black Business Fund provided me with their technical assistance program goes beyond any monetary figure I could’ve received. OBBF gave my business an identity, for which I’ll forever be grateful!


Catherean Mitchell

Mitchell’s Transport

This year Oakstop Alliance and Damon have helped grow our company’s brand awareness significantly by providing us opportunities and spaces that we would have otherwise not have had access to. In particular, the space Oakstop Alliance gave us access to allowed our Networking Brunch to grow in size and host professional panels that in turn gave the community access to more equitable knowledge.

In the future, we look forward to continuing to work with Oakstop Alliance because we see the impact their work has had for us and in turn the art community in Oakland!


Shawn Fendt

Oaktown Soul

When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have all the answers and you may be navigating a new industry or field by yourself. Damon and Oakstop Alliance make you feel like family…your story is important, your business is important and even if you don’t know something, you still are important.


Princess & Brownie Sims

The Final Sauce

Oakstop Alliance is a major resource for Black businesses. Their services and their mission provides real, tangible and necessary support to the community. On top of that, their Oakland venues are incredibly beautiful.


Tayleur Crenshaw

Gold Beams

We need you!

Together we do really great things for the Oakland Community. Your tax-deductible donation goes a very long way to changing lives.

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